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welcome to the Rory Gilmore Summer 2006 ficathon

If you're looking for the Rory Gilmore (Rory/Logan - Rory/Jess) Summer 2006 Ficathon, you're in the right place. Check under the cut for all the info you need, and help spread the word.

Sign-ups end: Friday, July 29
Assignments go out: the week of August 1
Stories due: between September 10th and September 16th

To sign up, please use the following format:
Name, email address and livejournal/blog if you have one:
2-4 line story prompt:
One thing you would like to see in the story:
One thing you don't want to see in the story:
Ship preference, very important if you won't write either/or:
Would you be willing to write a backup fic?
You're also allowed one (other) restriction on something you WON'T write:

A note about the prompts:
• Prompts will consist of 2-4 lines from a source of your choice.
• Possible sources include song lyrics, quotes of poetry or prose, or quick snatches of dialogue (either from the show, or original dialogue you make up yourself).

Story requirements/Rules:
• All participants must submit a fic request, and all participants will receive a fic request to write.
• Stories should be a minimum of 500 words, and must contain some element of the Rory/Logan or the Rory/Jess relationship (at whatever stage).
• The prompt should be used to inspire the storyline, but it does not have to be included in the story (though if you can, that's awesome).
• If your prompt is part of a larger song or poem, please do not include in your story more than the 2-4 lines which were given as a prompt.
• Additionally, it is very much appreciated if you can include the requested item and abide by the requested omission.
• With the exception of betas, you should keep it a secret whose request you are writing to fulfill.
• Finally, we steal ciachick711's choice of terminology from last year (L/L ficathon) about where/how to post the story: "If you don't have a livejournal, I also require that you have a place to post your story that's not The Place where FanFic goes to die (aka I recommend Black, White, and Red."

*For information about writing in a ficathon, check out this great resource: Celli's Survival Guide to Challenges and Ficathons.

We would like to thank sosmitten23 for letting us snag the guidelines used by llficathon2006.
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